L'histoire du sirop de merisier

The history of birch syrup

The use of birch syrup dates back to ancient times, in Greece and Rome, where it was used as a medicine for rheumatism, coughs and respiratory diseases. birch syrup is also known to be one of the main ingredients of mead, the fermented wine preferred by the Celts and ancient Greeks.

In Europe, this syrup had been consumed since the Middle Ages and was mentioned in many medical books of the time. It was considered a powerful medicine, and was recommended to fight fever and certain other illnesses. Europeans also used birch syrup to flavor their foods and as a sweetener.

In the 19th century, birch syrup became a popular ingredient for alcoholic beverages in Europe. Many varieties of liquor and delicious cocktails were made from it. Additionally, this syrup was sometimes used in wine to make it sweeter and fruitier.

Today, birch syrup is incorporated into many dishes in Europe, especially in Eastern flavors and in Scandinavian countries. It is used to flavor drinks, desserts, sauces and ice creams. It has also become very popular in alcoholic beverages.

For people who are lucky enough to have these trees on their property, you can harvest the sap from the birch tree yourself and turn it into syrup. I will share with you in a future article how to harvest and transform the sap by yourself.

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